Go/Missionary updates

Going beyond the "church walls" to share the love of God to a hurting world will shape your faith in ways nothing else can. Our Faith-in-Action Sundays and summer mission trips are great opportunities to go out in mission and service to others.

Local Partnerships:

Restoration Urban Ministries [http://restorationurbanministries.net/]

Empty Tomb [http://www.emptytomb.org/] 

Cunningham Children’s Home [http://www.cunninghamhome.org/] 

Stone Creek Food Pantry (hosted at Quest every Monday morning) 

Salt and Light [http://www.saltandlightministry.org/] 

CU at Home [http://www.cuathome.us/] 

Canteen Run [http://www.cucanteenrun.org/] 

Global Partnerships:

Liberia School Scholarships [http://liberiaird.wix.com/update#!vstc1=bfl-2015] 

Liberia Pastor Support [http://liberiaird.wix.com/update#!vstc1=bfl-2015]

Liberia Special Projects [http://liberiaird.wix.com/update#!vstc1=bfl-2015]

Quest United Methodist School- Liberia [http://liberiaird.wix.com/update#!education] 

Red Bird Mission [http://rbmission.org/] 

HIS Home for Children [http://www.hishomeforchildren.org/]


Bill and Susan Burtness - Serves through YWAM in Kosovo

Brittany Small - Serves through InterVarsity at University of Illinois

Robin Gregory - Serves through Wycliffe in Tanzania

Annie Mullen- Serving as a nurse in Africa (read about her journey here)