"can We Be Different Together?"     

Can we be different together? How similar must we be to be in the same church together? How different can we be to be in the same church together?

Can Christians disagree about alcohol consumption? Marijuana usage? Must we agree about music in worship? Can we disagree about sexual ethics? What about whether a Christian should be a Republican or Democrat or neither? Can we disagree about the divinity of Jesus? If we disagree about politics or Christian teaching, should we attend different churches? Can we be different together or not?

We'll tackle questions like these this Sunday in the conclusion of our series, Communion of Saints: Recovering Lost Community. Don't miss it!



Quest worships in person each Sunday at 8:45 and 10am and via livestream at 10am.

Where & When We Worship

Quest Church: A Community of Grace gathers for two worship services: 

8:45am - Traditional

10 am - Modern

(modern with concurrent Kids Quest worship)