"please come to the principal's office"     

Were you ever called to the principal's office? I remember it a few times. Neither trip was as laid back as reruns of "Saved By the Bell" make it seem! Once in elementary school, I got into a fight on the playground. Nothing too serious, I'm sure I didn't start it (honest!). But this was a time and place when paddling was allowed. Yeah, you know - big, wooden, flat mallet that looked like you were going to play cricket with someone's bottom. Paddling was threatened "when the principal gets back," but thankfully, he didn't come back to the office that day, and only the principal could administer corporal punishment. Come to think of it, I guess I really was saved by the bell that time!


We all find ourselves in moments when we have to give a defense for something we've done or left undone. Figuring out what to say can be massively stressful! In the next part of our series this Sunday, After Jesus: Life After Resurrection, the apostle Peter has to defend himself. He's not explaining himself to non-believers this time. No, this time he's challenged by a bunch of other Christians! Believe it or not, Peter's situation sheds light on something that might be missing from our lives today. Join us as we look at Acts 11:1-18!



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