"Stand Up!"           

Stand Up!

What role does the Church play in the world of politics? Some say, “None at all! Just preach the Word and save souls!” Others say, “Heavily involved!” In our current message series, we’re seeking God’s wisdom in Scripture, asking how Christians can faithfully engage politics. More than that, we’re trying to understand how we can faithfully engage an often toxic, partisan culture in politics.

Each week, we’ve confronted one of the dangers Christians face in partisan politics. Week one, as we looked at Jesus in Luke 20, we talked about not neatly fitting into partisan divisions. Week two, as we looked at the life of Daniel, we talked about not being totally consumed by partisan culture or politics. Rather, we have to wisely engage while holding onto our Christian distinctiveness. 

This Sunday we look at the life of Queen Esther. This young woman was unexpectedly thrown into the heart of political power and confronted with a big decision. Any choice she made would impact the lives of thousands - maybe millions! We’ll reflect on her life and listen again for God’s wisdom. Join us in-person or online! You might read Esther 4 (or the entire book...about a 30 minute read).

As we talk about faithfully engaging politics, let me encourage you to do three things:

First, pray. Pray that the Church of Jesus Christ will be faithful during this intense time of partisan division. Pray for an end to the pandemic. Pray justice and peace over our nation. Pray for the upcoming election. Pray everyone has the opportunity to participate in a fair election. Pray for wisdom. Pray for those in government office. My daily prayers often include works like this: “Give peace, O Lord, in all the world, for only in you can we live in safety. Lord, keep this nation under your care, and guide us in the way of justice and truth.”

Second, participate in the census. The census plays an important role in making sure everyone is represented and federal funds are fairly shared across the nation.

Finally, register to vote. I don’t believe it’s appropriate for me as a pastor to use my office to endorse candidates or platforms, but I do believe it’s appropriate to encourage everyone to participate as U.S. citizens.

Praying with you!

Pastor Casey

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