Habits: Part 2

Craving + Cue + Reward + Routine = Habits

The famous 4th century African church leader, Augustine of Hippo, once said, “Habit is formed by servitude to passion, and habit to which there is no resistance becomes necessity.” In other words, cravings repeatedly triggered into action and rewarded become habits. Our desires, both good and bad, become our automatic defaults - our habits.

Last Sunday we began a two part series called Habits. We used 2 Peter 1:3-9 as our launchpad for a deeper examination about self-control, willpower, and habits. Growing self-control over our habits is essential to being a wholehearted follower of Jesus Christ! We introduced the Habit Loop and summarized the message with these four points: 

  1. Self-control is essential to a good life.

  2. We need to make every effort to build self-control by building willpower.

  3. We can build willpower in four ways: grow, conserve, replenish, automate.

  4. Habits are the result of automated willpower.

You can hear the entire message here.

This Sunday we pickup where we left off and will talk more practically about breaking bad habits and building good habits. Don’t miss it!


Pastor Casey

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