Plan Your Route

Have you ever accidentally found where you wanted to go?

It does happen sometimes that after directions fail and you drive around way longer than planned that you stumble onto the place you wanted to go. When I first moved to C-U, I couldn’t find my way around downtown Champaign for the life of me. But I knew Black Dog BBQ was somewhere in downtown so, with enough persistence, I’d eventually find it.

That’s much harder when you’re traveling a great distance. Nobody sets out for New York City just by heading northeast! If they do, they might actually end up far away from where they want to go. And you might waste a lot of time and money in the process. 

This Sunday we’ll see that Jesus compares this to life with God. What danger does Jesus see and how can we avoid it? Read Matthew 7:13-14 for a sample and don’t miss Sunday!

Last Sunday we heard Jesus giving the equivalent of a pep talk to people on the verge of giving up. From 30,000 ft, Jesus sees the whole course of Christian life and knows that every one of us, at some point, will feel like giving up on following Jesus - maybe even on life itself. Jesus says, “Don’t quit!” He urges us to ask God for help, to focus on God’s love, and to do good...even when (especially when!) we don’t feel like it. You can listen to the message here.

By the way, we’re on the cusp of the next big sanctuary update! New carpet will be installed in just a few weeks and padded chairs will replace the pews. We’ll then begin careful remodeling work on the main platform. See you Sunday!


Pastor Casey

Quest Church: A Community of Grace meets for two worship services: 9am(traditional) and 10:30am (modern with concurrent Kids Quest worship)

Where & When We Worship

Quest Church: A Community of Grace gathers for two worship services: 

9am - Traditional

10:30 am - Modern

(modern with concurrent Kids Quest worship)