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Confession: I once joined a poker tournament while in seminary. Yes, I was gambling while training to be a pastor! I did ok considering I was mostly playing against PhD mathematicians! Details are fuzzy but I’m pretty sure I never went “all in” during any of the hands.

Hopefully gambling isn’t an everyday part of your life. Even if you don’t know a straight from a royal flush, you are called to go “all in", because Jesus calls us all to go “all in” as his followers. Quest Church owns that call in our mission statement: to help people be wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ. I shared at the beginning of 2019 that my word for the year is “wholehearted” and I shared a sad line from 2 Chronicles 25:2, “Amaziah did what was right in the eyes of the LORD, but not wholeheartedly.” God forbid that be the epitaph on any of our lives! Jesus isn’t looking for half-time disciples or followers who pick and choose which of his teachings to obey. He wants all of me!

This Sunday is an opportunity to recommit to being “all in” together as a family on mission. We’ve been saying in our message series, Together: Family on Mission, that we first commit to Christ but that comes with a commitment to his family, the church. Practically speaking, that means at Quest Church we commit to pray, worship, give, serve, and share Christ in support of our mission. I’ve tried to lovingly challenge us to pray daily, worship weekly, and give generously. If you missed either message, listen here. This Sunday we end with a call to serve and to share Christ with others. We’re calling it “All-In Sunday”!

What will happen on All-In Sunday? Everyone partnered with Quest Church (whether as official church members or not) will be invited during worship to renew their partnership and to go “all in” together for our mission in 2020. We’ll make this commitment out loud together but we’ll also make our commitment more tangible with an All-In Commitment Card (below). Many of you have already received a card by mail but we’ll also have them available for you Sunday. You can offer up your card to God as an act of worship (they’ll be given back to you later). 

And we’ll have bagels in the lobby in between services just for fun!

REMINDER: Due to severe allergy concerns, no food or drink is allowed in the Kids Quest gathering area or any of the KQ classrooms. Thank you for helping us maintain the health and safety of all our students.

I look forward to renewing our commitment together this Sunday!


Pastor Casey

Quest Church: A Community of Grace meets for two worship services: 9am(traditional) and 10:30am (modern with concurrent Kids Quest worship)

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Quest Church: A Community of Grace gathers for two worship services: 

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