Road Trip!          

Ever been on a really long road trip? My senior year of college, I learned that two of my friends were planning a road trip. They were headed to North Carolina to check out a seminary. I volunteered to join them! 😄Twelve hours there, twelve hours back - just three dudes talking about God, food, and who knows what else. 

This Sunday we dive into part three of Long Story Short: The Bible in Six Simple Movements, the section called “Israel” that covers almost all the Old Testament. You know, just 38 more books of the Bible than we’ve already covered! It’s fair to see this third movement in the Bible’s big Story as a series of road trips: a road trip to a new home, a road trip out of slavery, a road trip away from home, a road trip back home. All this road tripping tells us something about God’s weird way of saving the world - and our part to play! Don’t miss out!

You can listen to last week’s message on part two of the Bible’s big Story right here.
Don’t Panic. Be Informed. Stay Healthy.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we put our hope in God. That hope gets tested in times of crisis, like the one sweeping the globe right now. Scripture frequently urges us to wisely prepare for the future while urging us not to be anxious, but to trust God with our lives. My pastoral advice during this time of uncertainty regarding the coronavirus is: don’t panic, be informed, stay healthy. Look for opportunities to proactively love and bless others, especially in times of high anxiety. 

Last weekend I shared some practical ways we can meet together for worship and small groups during the present uncertainty. We have not closed business, schools, or churches in Illinois (as happened in Washington state), but we at Quest Church are planning ways to continue ministry if the need arises. For example, we’re upgrading our Livestream of worship services which would allow us to connect in worship together even at a distance.

See you Sunday!


Pastor Casey

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Quest Church: A Community of Grace gathers for two worship services: 

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