Wednesday night classes

Crash Test Dummies (Talbot Davis) 
Johnna Barger and Linda Entwistle
Urbana (Church)
Wednesday @ 6pm
Starting January 30th (childcare available)

A seven week study exploring why the people of God keep doing the same dumb, self-destructive things over and over again—both in the Old Testament Book of Judges and in our own lives today!


Although the author looks at some of the most disturbing stories in the Bible, he uses a quirky, creative approach that makes the book very readable.


Be prepared to read (or listen to) weekly material and ponder some questions for class discussion. The study will also include opportunities for journaling, prayer, and daily scripture reading from various books of the Bible for those who want to go deeper.

1 Peter Bible Study

Matt and Anne Ahrens

Urbana (Church)

Wednesdays @ 6pm

Starting January 30th (childcare available)

A 9-week study diving into the book of 1 Peter where we'll learn what it means to live in the kingdom of God in today's world. No homework needed as videos and discussion will take place during group time.