How to pray with awe

How do we become better pray-ers?

We’re hardwired to reach out for connection with others. We want to share thoughts and feelings. But this goes beyond human connection. Something inside us hungers to reach out beyond our senses for something (someone?) transcendent. Whether we know it or not, that’s a hunger to communicate with God. “Prayer” is what we call that channel of communication.

Last Sunday, we looked at the story of Abraham in Genesis 18 where he learned not just to talk to God (he’d already been doing that) but he learned something of talking to God on behalf of other people. We looked at four things from Abraham’s story to challenge us to be better pray-ers for others. They were:

  1. Walk with God - Abraham made a habit of regularly talking to God as part of his walk with God. We won’t grow in our capacity to effectively pray for others if we don’t talk to God!

  2. Seek God’s heart - Abraham tried to learn God’s perspective, God’s heart and mind toward Abraham’s neighbors so that he could pray in alignment with God. We must do the same.

  3. Pray boldly - Abraham boldly negotiated with God! When you pray for others, how often are you praying for mini-miracles instead of God-sized prayers that only God can take credit for answering?

  4. Believe that prayer makes a difference - Maybe the most important thing you can do to more consistently and effectively pray for others is to believe your prayers make a difference. God wants to partner with you through prayer!

This Sunday we turn toward a different kind of prayer - awe! How do we express our love for God in prayer? If you’re anything like me, this can be hard. Thankfully, we have great examples in the Bible to help us. You might want to read ahead for Sunday by reading 1 Samuel 1 and 2 (chapter two is our focus but chapter one gives important context). See you Sunday!


Pastor Casey

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