Cry for a king

“Nothing lasts forever.” 

It’s a saying so old and so familiar no one knows where it came from. I often ask folks during a funeral service to reflect on this question, “What in this life is lasting or eternal?” The short answer: not much. “They don’t make ‘em like they used to,” has been often muttered when yet another technological marvel (washing machines to phones) wears out, seemingly sooner than the last model!

But last Sunday our Director of Student Ministry, Alicia Dickerson, took us into Psalm 136 which insists that there is indeed something that lasts forever. No less than twenty six times, the psalmist insists, “God’s love endures forever.” God’s love! Grounded in God’s own eternal goodness (v.1), God’s love has never not existed and will never stop seeking our good. Celebrating God’s good work toward Israel (which we read about in our Old Testament), the psalmist sees God’s enduring love at work in God’s act of creation, his redemption of his people, and his sustaining us each day.

What’s our response to God’s love that endures forever? “Give thanks!” Thanksgiving is the proper response to who God is and, more specifically, what God has done for us. Most psalms of thanksgiving repeat what God has done in the past to stir up faith, hope, and love in the present. How has God been at work in your life? Sit on that question for a while. And give Alicia’s message a listen.

This Sunday I’ll wrap up our series on the Psalms with Psalm 72. It’s also Palm Sunday when Christians remember Jesus’s fateful arrival in Jerusalem days before his execution on the cross. Psalm 72 is royal psalm or kingship psalm. It dives into the muddy current of religion and politics. How on earth does politics impact our prayers? Let’s explore that together Sunday!

Easter is just over a week away! Please PRAY for and INVITE a few friends who don’t have a church home to worship with you at Quest on Easter.


Pastor Casey

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