The Lord's prayer: Forgive as we forgive

Are you an easy truster?

Some of us are quick to trust other people. Some of us are far more reluctant, maybe with good reason. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus invites us to a deeper level of trust with God our Father, so much so that we’ll ask God for whatever we need without any hesitation and without any question that God will provide what we need. Jesus tells us to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread.”

It’s such a simple thing, so mundane, especially after Jesus has lifted our eyes to such a grand horizon in the Lord’s Prayer: meditating on God our Father, praying God’s excellence (his Name) will honored through our holiness and craving God’s agenda (God’s Kingdom) in place of our agenda. It’s explosive prayer! Jesus has been teaching us a bigger picture of the world than we ever imagined...and now we’re praying for bread.

This plea for daily bread echoes the story of Israel in Exodus 16, newly freed from slavery in Egypt. Freedom has just begun but not long after witnessing God’s unmatchable power to save, the Israelites start complaining that God (well, Moses) has brought them out to the desert to starve them. Does God really want what’s good for them? Can this God really provide in the parched desert?

Of course! God “rains down bread from heaven,” a miraculous provision of something called “manna.” They’re learning God’s good, God’s reliable, God’s able to provide. But they’re also learning they’re limited, fragile, dependent. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus teaches us to own our dependence on God. “Our daily bread” owns our neediness and trusts God to provide.

I also shared some practical ways to cultivate a spirit of dependence on God. You can find those suggestions in the message audio.

This Sunday we run into the hardest part of the Lord’s Prayer: forgiveness. I hope you’ll invite a friend and join us for worship!




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