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Heartbreak, hope, and help.

On Vision Sunday (this past weekend) I shared about these three words as we looked back on 2018 and ahead to 2019. As we look back over the year past, there are likely moments of heartbreak, moments that made us sad, angry, or frustrated. But there were also moments of hope, times that brought us laughter, joy, happiness, satisfaction. The year ahead will likely include a mix of the same, although we always want more hope than heartbreak. For that, we need help - God’s help!

I shared one of the most heartbreaking verses I’ve read in the Bible, 2 Chronicles 25:2; one of the most hopeful verses, Jeremiah 29:13; and one of the most helpful verses, Psalm 86:11. Just as you might be envisioning your coming year, so we - as a church family - spent the day looking ahead to where God might take us.

I also shared again the two priorities for 2019 discerned by our Vision Team. Those two items share a theme: build up God’s church. One item is facility enhancement, making our building more accessible, flexible, hospitable, and attractive for 21st century ministry. The second item is spiritual formation process, or roadmap for being a wholehearted follower of Jesus as part of the Quest community. Both of these are processes your church leaders are working on in early 2019. Updates will be shared along the way and you will have the opportunity to provide valuable input, too. Both of these things will better equip us to help new people become wholehearted followers of Jesus.

Vision is about where we’re going, what’s on the horizon. We’ll make plans along the way for getting there. But most important is our mission. Our mission is to help people be wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ. King Amaziah (2 Chronicles 25) had a half-hearted devotion to God. He and those he served as king suffered for it. You and I cannot live into God’s vision for our lives - or our life together as a church - if we don’t pursue Jesus with a whole heart. God promises to meet us if we seek God with a whole heart, but we need God’s help to do even that! Join me in praying Psalm 86:11 over our church, over ourselves, and our year.

This Sunday we’re highlighting the vital role of groups in being a wholehearted follower of Jesus Christ. Our message will be a creative conversation with a panel of people all involved in a small group at Quest. The following Sunday we begin a new series, Year One: Jesus Begins. Many people resolve to reset parts of their life at the new year. What about your life with God? In this series, we’ll explore the start of Jesus’s ministry in Matthew, his “year one.” We’ll see how Jesus resets our life with God.

Finally, on February 17 we begin another Conversations with a Counselor series! This was one of our most popular series last year so I’m inviting Steve Busick back to share with us again - but with a twist! We want your questions! You’ll have two ways to ask a question (anonymously). For the next several weeks, you’ll have a post it note in your worship program to place on a wall in the lobby. You can also ask your question hereSee you Sunday!


Pastor Casey

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