I'm a believer, but...

Can you judge a book by its cover?

I like to peruse the shelves of book stores and I confess - I judge a book by its cover all the time. I imagine many of us do, otherwise publishers wouldn’t spend so much on designing covers that attract the eye.

But this is a problem when we judge people the way we judge books, that is, by appearance. As we read Sunday in James 2:1-13, the apostle James calls this favoritism, a word which literally meant “to receive the face,” to judge a person or situation based on appearance alone. This could be as simple as making assumptions about someone based on the clothes they wear or as complex as discrimination based on the color of skin. But James challenges us to look below the surface, to see what God sees, and to keep our eyes on the real Judge - God! All of these are ways God can help us to love below the surface. If you missed the message, or want to listen again, you can listen on our website. You can also get all our messages on our podcast (iTunes store or Android users can find us with the Pocketcast app).

This Sunday continues our series, Real Faith: The Letter of James, with a message called “I Believe, But…” We’ll look at James 2:14-26 together.

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Pastor Casey

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