What traits identify your family members?

At the DNA level, we are 99.9% identical to everyone in the human family: Anglo, Latino, African, Filipino, male, female, etc. Then there’s the .1% that (biologically speaking) makes you unique. However, somewhere in between that 99.9% and .1% are traits, behaviors, even attitudes you share with people in your immediate and extended family.

The same is true in God’s family. Scripture and centuries of Christian wisdom name three fundamental, indispensable, non-negotiable, can’t-live-without-them, marks of the Christian life. They are...faith, hope, and love. During this three week message series, Marked, we’re exploring stories that bring these three virtues to life. I’m urging us all to ask ourselves two questions each week:

  1. Are these three obvious and growing in me?

  2. Are these three obvious and growing in Quest?

Sunday we looked at the story of Abraham and Sarah as summarized in Hebrews 11. Hebrews highlights three key moments in their walk with God that confronted them with the question, “Will we trust God?” Those three moments are ones every authentic Christ-follower (hopefully all of us!) will face. The first is God’s call to go. The second is enduring seasons of waiting. The third is God’s call to let go. You can listen to Sunday’s message here. You can also access the Field Guide here to dig deeper into this week’s message.

Join us this Sunday for part two with a story about hope from the Old Testament book of Numbers. Invite a friend and join us!

See you Sunday!


Pastor Casey

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