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The following is a letter sent to Quest Church from Pastor Casey Taylor:

Quest Family and Friends,

Last week, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released updated guidelines for fully-vaccinated people which no longer require masks or social distancing (except in certain situations). This was prompted by evidence that fully-vaccinated people are at minimal risk of infection or transmission of the virus. The State of Illinois adapted its own guidelines to the CDC’s, as did our denominational region under the leadership of Bishop Frank Beard. While we still need to be attentive in the fight against COVID19, this is good news about vaccine efficacy. 

In light of these new guidelines, I have met with our Quest Lead Team to update our church protocols. We will update our own protocols if CDC guidelines change or pandemic conditions worsen. We are going to make the following changes effective Sunday, May 23, 2021: 

1. Registration is no longer required for worship.

2. Sanctuary capacity will return to 100%.

3. Masks and social distancing will no longer be required for fully-vaccinated people.

4. All kids ministry volunteers will continue to wear masks when serving indoors.

5. Communion will continue to be pre-packaged, probably until vaccination for younger children is available.

6. Worship livestream will continue at 10am.

7. People not yet fully-vaccinated (including kids over the age of two) will still be required to wear a mask in worship or other indoor ministry. 

Many of you celebrate this news. Our mission is to help people be wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ. The pandemic and the necessary mitigation measures limited our options in pursuit of that mission. This positive step forward out of the pandemic is an opportunity to invite our friends to Quest and to Jesus Christ.

Some of you may be anxious about this news. What about people who won’t vaccinate and also won’t wear a mask? What about my kids who can’t vaccinate yet? I sympathize with you. COVID19 isn’t gone and questions linger. But Quest leaders have done our best to follow good science and the lead of our authorities while still pursuing our mission. We want to serve Christ while minimizing potential harm from sickness.

Some in our worship community who are vaccinated will choose to unmask. Some who are vaccinated will choose to remain masked for a variety of reasons (chronic health concerns, solidarity with unvaccinated kids, etc.). That’s ok! I want these words to describe us: “Don’t be concerned about your own good alone but seek the good of others (1 Corinthians 10:24).” Let’s not make assumptions about people or be unkind. Let’s go out of our way to watch out for each other. Not sure if someone wants a handshake or a hug? Just ask! If they say, “I’d rather not,” don’t take it personally. Love one another.

If you’re unvaccinated against COVID19, please consider vaccination. If you have concerns about vaccination, please talk with your doctor. If you’re unvaccinated and choose to worship in person, you are welcome but please wear a mask. If you’re not feeling well Sunday morning, please worship from home via livestream at 10am.

I’m hopeful and eager to move forward together with wisdom and with love. I’m ready to get off the couch and get moving in mission! I’m ready to invite people to check out Jesus! Now more than ever the world needs wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ! Your worship, your service, your financial support, are all part of God’s work in our community through Quest. This is a day of new beginnings. I hope you’ll join me in recommitting to our work together!

If you have questions about our new protocols, please contact me or the church office. Please continue to pray for our church, our C-U community, and our world.


Pastor Casey